Keep on the Shadowfell H1

Ruins of the Keep 2nd level

Our heroes dcipher the riddle of the sealed door and proceed deeper into the underbelly of the ruined keep. They run into a group of heavily armed Hobgoblins who stop them and ask for the pass phrase. Ben uses his considerable bargaining tallents to discover the pass phrase adn confuse the two guards. Other hobgoblins appear however and a giant attack spider is released.

Our heroes survive the chaos the ensues and defeat the armed hobgoblin soldiers, proceeding into their barricks. They defeat the rest of the hobgoblins and proceed into thier leader’s council chamber. A trap is sprung however and an iron portculis falls from the ceiling, dividing the group. While ben and arwa fight to open the portculis, Ein, Sage and Sven battle the Hobgoblin commander and his considerable forces.

Quick thinking and superior tactical maneuvering by Ein and Sven however slants the odds to their favor and in short time the commander and his forces are vanquished. All are slain save one hobgoblin soldier that surrendered, begging for his chance to serve them.

Keeponthe shadowfell 1 keep lv l2



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