Keep on the Shadowfell H1

Are we there yet?

Our five adventurers start out as members of a loose nit caravan on their way to the village of Winterhaven. Among the caravan is an artisan blacksmith seeking training, a journemen tailor looking to sell her wares, a pious (yet drunken) cleric making a deliver of sacred wine and our adventurers:

*Bargain Ben Steprite. Gnome Merchant!, Tinkerer!, Invoker Extraordinaire!
*Arwa Samak “The Winterdaughter”. Barbaric Giantess of the cold north! She and Ben travel to Winterhaven in search of thier old friend and adventuring mentor, Douven Staul, who recently went missing! Douven’s last known location was Winterhaven, where he hoped to find buried treasure in an anceint dragon’s tomb near the village. What will they find when they arrive?
*Sven “The Bull” Gravolno. Mercenary!, Soldier of Fortune!, Hitman!, …Thug. This Minator has has names and had many vocations, none of which have fit him as aptly as “The Bull”. Down on his luck, Sven later meets up with Arwa, an old business associate, seeking to turn a quick profit.

*Einhander Johnson. Noble Paladin of the Dragon Born! Ein seeks to protect the weak!, liberate the oppressed!, oppose evil on all fronts!, …and earn a few coins along the way. Maybe get a little notoriety while he’s at it. Perhaps sign a book deal about tales of his adventures “Triumphing over Evil”. That wouldn’t be sooo bad, would it?
*Sage Johansen. Elf Bard of the Fey Wilds! She travels along side her mate and hero Ein “the bold”, generously lending her considerable healing talents and deadly crossbow to all her allies.

*Tynan Doomhall. Teifling Warlock of the Infernal Pact! Tynan seeks to lift the curse of an ancient demon and restore the honor of his once noble family. Clues gathered by an old friend, who once was an underworld contact, have led him to a man known only to him as Valthrun. Will he find the information he so desperately seeks?

Along the Kings’ Road, half a day’s ride out from Winterhaven, the caravan is attacked! A rag-tag band of Kobold bandits ambush the travelors and the five adventurers fight back. All are saved but the drunken cleric who falls prey to the little reptilian creatures, and dragged from his cart of sacred wine. After the adventurers clear the road way of further danger, the caravan continues on its way to the village of Winterhaven, all the while lamenting the loss of the cleric.



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