Keep on the Shadowfell H1

Ruins of the Keep

The group enters the ruins and begin thier exploration. They find and defeat several goblin soldiers, eventally leading to thier commander.

The group defeats thier commander and discover he is in league with a powerful necromancer named Kalarel, but are unable to discover anything more from the fat goblin. They proceed into a small excavation site and after defeating the goblin workers…and an ancient golem that was mistakenly activated…the discover that Kalarel is searching for artifacts, and that he is seeking to reopen an ancient rift to the Shadowfell that was sealed long ago.

They proceed to explore the rest of the rooms and through connecting caves, stumbling upon the tomb of Sir Keegan, the knight that originally sealed and protected the rift. He awards the group with his sword and instructs them on how to find and defeat Kalarel. After triggering the necromancers many fear wards and defeating a small army of zombies, the group finds the sealed door leading down toward Kalarel. Near it they discover a hidden room. After solving the riddle provided to them they uncover a trove of magical armor and weapons.

It is at this time that the brave warlock Tynan suddenly leaves the group, having received a vital correspondance from a shadowy figure.

The group sadly continues onward, lamenting the absence of thier powerful ally.



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